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About Me

I'm a passionate landscape photographer from Brazil/Germany based in the Netherlands. I enjoy photographing almost everything: landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, outdoor, astrophotography etc. But what I love most is to capture natural landscapes under special light conditions. Whenever I have the chance, I'm out exploring.

My work has been published for commercial and editorial purposes all over the world. This website shows a lil bit of it, the tip of the iceberg of what I've done in over a decade photographing. Here you can appreciate my personal favorite pictures and purchase prints.

Next to photography I have a busy corporate life, which I've been pursuing since graduating  in mechanical-aeronautical engineering and getting a PhD in production technology.

And what you don't see but it's often behind the camera are my wife Vanessa and my two sons Leonardo and William, who are always supportive and a source of endless motivation and drive.

I hope you are enjoying my website. Any questions and requests just write me an e-mail: info@gustavocabral.com


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